University of Law targets 1,000 schools

The University of Law (UoL) is targeting school students through a free teaching resource pack distributed to nearly 1,000 sixth form colleges, comprehensive and selective schools across England and Wales.

Designed primarily for year 11 and 12 students, who are currently studying A-level law, business studies or citizenship, have an interest in the law or are keen to embark on a legal career in the future, the pack will give students the chance to practise some of the skills needed to become a successful lawyer.

By using a case study from recent real life events that students will be familiar with, the pack aims to demonstrate that law is part of everyday life. Students get to have a go at reading and interpreting law and interviewing a client, one of the key skills of a lawyer.

The pack is centred on the fictitious case of a Manchester student whose hopes of becoming a lawyer are thrown into jeopardy when he is charged with theft following the August 2011 riots in the city.

Students are shown a DVD, which outlines the case and the legal issues, before being asked to read an extract of the Theft Act 1968 and answer questions.

Finally they take part in a role play centred on the Manchester student’s case, which reflects what happens in a firm of solicitors when interviewing a client.

In a statement, Angie Milan, Marketing Director with UoL, said: “We hope that our teaching pack will demonstrate to students that law is not an inaccessible subject but is something that affects us all, and every aspect of our lives. The session is designed to stimulate group discussion and should provide a lively and interesting lesson.”

After receiving the pack Cathy Dodd, Head of Law at Glyn School in Ewell, Surrey said: “The activity regarding advice and role play is particularly stimulating and I know it will be well received so I’ll start using it with my students as soon as possible. I would very much welcome any future resource packs from The University of Law examining other legal issues as they provide extremely useful and practically focused lesson materials.”

The ‘Bringing Law to Life’ resource materials are also available online at

Last week, the UoL said it will expand its law degree programme from one to eight courses for 2014 (27 March 2013).