Undergraduate law enrolments trail other disciplines

The number of students enrolling on law undergraduate degrees has fallen behind the rate of growth on other courses.

Law student numbers have risen by 7 per cent in the period from 2007/08 to 2013/14, compared to the average rate of 13 per cent across all courses.

The courses which experienced the highest percentage change were medicine related courses (39 per cent growth in enrolment figures), biological sciences (30 per cent) and mathematical sciences (24 per cent) and business studies (24 per cent).

The courses which experienced the least growth were architecture and planning (-21 per cent) and languages (-6 per cent).


Law student numbers in 2013/14, the most recent year for which figures are available, comprised 4.5 per cent of the 515,645 students in the report.  

Table showing undergraduate enrolment numbers by subject 2013/14

Subject  Students
Business & administrative studies 78240
Biological sciences 58870
Subjects allied to medicine 54360
Social studies 50965
Creative arts & design 48880
Engineering & technology 34725
Languages 26590
Computer science 25290
Law 23710
Physical sciences 22730
Education 21290
Historical & philosophical studies 21110
Mass communications & documentation 14050
Mathematical sciences 11275
Architecture, building & planning 9900
Medicine & dentistry 9375
Agriculture & related subjects 3230
Veterinary science 1055