UEA provides free legal advice with new partnership

University of East Anglia (UEA) has joined forces with a local law clinic to give aspiring lawyers the opportunity to give free legal advice and representation to the public.

The new partnership with Norfolk Community Law Service (NCLS) will see more than 35 law students volunteer for the scheme, as well as the university provide £25,000 per year to the clinic.

Senior law lecturer Gareth Thomas said: “Our students will help deliver a twice-weekly free legal advice service, and will also assist with NCLS’s specialist advice services in areas such as discrimination, domestic abuse, rent arrears and immigration.

“Pro bono work gives our students a wonderful opportunity to deepen their understanding of the law by seeing it in action and being able to reflect on what they have seen, so it enriches their education while also enhancing their career prospects.”

The university’s work with NCLS was successfully piloted last year with several law students giving their time to the centre.

Naomi Newell, a law student who volunteered with the project last year, said: “The experience has formed the foundations for my own professional development and it is already opening doors for me. I now have the confidence and skills to be able to step into a job and know that I will do it well.”