Twobirds adds two new hurdles to application race

Bird & Bird has added two extra layers of testing to its graduate recruitment programme to cope with the 50 per cent boost it has seen in applications.

Would-be lawyers who get through the online application process will now be invited to an interview with the HR department and given a ­critical thinking or verbal reasoning exam to help whittle down numbers prior to the two assessment days.

Head of graduate and trainee ­management Lynne Walters said: “The challenge is reviewing such a high number of applications and ensuring we make fair decisions. A high percentage of the applications are outstanding, with impressive grades, demonstrating a wide range of extracurricular activities and work experience building on skill sets.

“By adding the interview and ­written test stages we can meet a wider pool of candidates, which is critical in a competitive market.”

Around 140 students will be called for the HR interview and exam stage, from which 48 aspiring lawyers will be invited to the assessment day, which includes a presentation, a 40-minute interview, a group task and a written task.