Trowers & Hamlins first to report spring trainee retention

Trowers & Hamlins has revealed that it will be keeping nine of its 11-strong March qualifying trainee intake on as newly-qualified (NQ) lawyers, or 82 per cent.

The firm typically posts strong spring retention rates. In 2012, it hit 100 per cent with all 13 of its trainees hired as NQs and in 2013 all of its six qualifiers remained with the firm.

The nine newly-qualified lawyers will work across the firm’s banking and finance, dispute resolution, international energy and natural resources and real estate departments.

Seven of the nine will work from the firm’s London office while one will be based in Birmingham and another in Manchester.

Trowers & Hamlins training partner Tonia Secker said: “I want to congratulate these really talented individuals on behalf of the whole firm.  They have worked incredibly hard to get where they are, and I speak for everyone here when I say how impressed we have been with their determination and commitment over the last two years.”

The firm is the first to post its retention for March 2015. Last spring, 24 firms reported results, with 454 out of 526 (86 per cent) retained in total.


Trowers’ recent retention rates

Spring 2015: 9 of 11 (82 per cent)

Autumn 2014: 7 of 11 (64 per cent)

Spring 2014: 6 of 6 (100 per cent)

Autumn 2013: 6 of 7 (85 per cent)

Spring 2013: 13 of 13 (100 per cent)

Autumn 2012: 9 of 13 (69 per cent)

Spring 2012: 2 of 7 (28.5 per cent)