Travers Smith trainee founds gender equality campaign for British Asian girls

Travers Smith trainee solicitor Raj Khaira has launched a gender equality campaign to encourage British Asian families to celebrate the birth of a girl. 

The Equality is Sweet Campaign aims to change the tradition among South Asian families in which the only the birth of boys is celebrated, by distributing Pink Ladoo sweets within the community. 

Khaira’s campaign will be launched this Sunday at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, where every newborn baby will be given a box of Pink Ladoo. South Asian sweet shops across the UK have also agreed to offer the sweets to their customers in support of the project. The campaign is already going global, with people in the USA, Canada and India offering  to launch it there.

Raj Khaira
Raj Khaira, Travers Smith

The Travers Smith trainee solicitor said she wants to “raise the status and value of baby girls.” 

“The Pink Ladoo is not just a sweet,” she added. “It is the symbol of a protest against South Asian gender-biased social norms.”