Top unis warn against Law A Level

The Russell Group universities are advising students that their admissions department will favour those with traditional A Level subjects such as English and Maths.

This is the first time the group of the UK’s 20 top universities has published such broad guidance for students on university entrance, which warns that many competitive universities will not be open to them unless they study at least two subjects from a list of ‘facilitating subjects’.

The guide, called Informed Choices, states: “If you plan to take more than one perceived ‘soft’ subject, some caution may be needed.” Soft subjects include Business Studies and Media Studies.

Speaking on behalf of the Institute of Career Guidance, which collaborated on the new guide, Andy Gardner said: “Law A-level is not a facilitating subject, but if someone is interested in Law A-level they could choose it alongside some facilitating subject,”

“Law A-level is not a requirement for any degrees, and is treated neutrally by the vast majority of Russell Group universities – though it is on the LSE non-preferred list.”

Despite the Russell Group stating that there are no essential subjects required to study undergraduate Law, it says that some universities require English, and it would be useful to have an advanced level qualification in History or other facilitating subjects.

Facilitating subjects include English, Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History and Languages.

Director general of the Russell Group Dr Wendy Piatt said: “Informed Choices emphasises the importance of ‘facilitating’ subjects such as Maths and English, which are particularly effective in equipping students with skills they need for a large number of competitive course and in increasing a student’s chances of getting on to those courses.”