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Booby prize

These days pro bono covers an ever-increasing range of activities. But surely there are limits? The judging panel for the Lawyer 2B/BPP Law School annual writing competition was asked to stretch the definition of pro bono far and wide thanks to one entrant’s submission.

The rules required a 1,500-word feature for publication in Lawyer 2B about a pro bono or ­community project. So congratulations to one hopeful, who entered a 500-word essay arguing for ­legislation to make breast-feeding ­compulsory.

We’re not sure what this has to do with pro bono, but we’re adamant that this kind of creative thinking among ­potential lawyers should be nipped in the bud.

A buddy good idea

Each year most law firms offer a range of useless gizmos and gadgets in the hope of buttering up some of the brightest and best students.

Leeds-based Walker Morris, however, decided to take an eco-friendly stance with its giveaway, awarding a prize for the most ­interesting ways students chose to reuse their ‘Study Buddies’. The best entries show the Buddy in Sydney, a police station and Britain’s Got ­Talent, and being reused as a plant pot and an iPhone holder.


There’s a fine line between law firm graduate recruitment websites being innovative and edging on the bizarre.

Check out the Baker & McKenzie trainees clutching odd objects, including a compass that turns into a globe to ­represent ­‘perspective’, and a plant that turns into a tree for ‘aspiration’.


Lawyer 2B received a less than impressive response in pictorial terms from City Law School’s ­communications team when we requested a glossy photo recently.

The pics on offer, to go with a news story about the school increasing its opportunities in pro bono, could also have done with a ­little free assistance. One entirely failed to show City Law School’s building whatsoever, while another was a thrilling shot of the frontage of one of its lecture theatres.

Caught in the web Law schools are forever searching for more flexible modes of study for their ­financially struggling students.

One law school provides an online option for showing lectures, which cleverly starts recording automatically according to the ­lecture timetable.

However, one student unaware of the system’s sophisticated ­abilities was recorded coming out of the closet (not-so) privately to his lecturer just before the start.

The perils of technology.


News reaches Lawyer 2B from Hogan Lovells that its innovative PR and marketing team has devised a new method of enticing partners into their office to talk. “We offer them sweets and cakes,” says one chocolate-covered communications monkey while taking a brief pause from cramming in some Green & Black’s.