The Bar Standards Board’s BPTC enrolment fee has risen by 60 per cent in four years

The Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) enrolment fee has risen by nearly two thirds in just four years, with the Bar Standards Board (BSB) now charging bar students 60 per cent more to enrol on the BPTC than in 2012/13.

The BSB will charge students £550 from September 2015, a rise of 16 per cent from its 2014 fee of £475. In 2012/13, the fee stood at £345.

When asked for the reason behind the fee increase, the BSB pointed to the cost of centralised assessments, introduced to ensure consistency across providers.

A BSB spokesperson added: “The reason behind the increase in BPTC fees is simply that we must recover our costs. A few years ago, we were significantly subsidising the administration of the BPTC. But this was just not sustainable.

“We regret having to increase fees in this way but we also have to cover the costs of quality assuring nine different BPTC providers – across 11 different sites – so as to guarantee students receive the high quality of training and academic experience for which they’re paying and which they need to excel at the Bar.”