Sunderland University launches space law module

The University of Sunderland is boldly going where no UK law school has gone before and offering would-be lawyers the chance to study space law as part of their undergraduate law degree.

The university has decided to leap into the final frontier of the legal system with the new space law module because it has said the topic is rapidly increasing in importance.

Law lecturer Chris Newman, who spearheaded the course and will subsequently be teaching it, said: “With the increasing interest in journeys into space by individuals, the militarisation of space and expanding privatisation of the space sector, we thought it would give our students the competitive edge.

“Students will be looking at what increased space travel means for legal system boundaries, problems concerning debris from space vehicles damaging property and the legal aspects of buying lunar real estate.”

The new module will be taught from September 2010 as part of the LLB undergraduate degree and around 22 students have signed up to study it.

The module will sit along other modules for year three LLB students at Sunderland such as crime and terrorism and law and sexuality.