Students will meet with Oxford Brookes LPC management today

Oxford Brookes University will hold a meeting with students today to discuss the future of its under threat legal practice course (LPC).

Since the decision by management to shut down the LPC last week, the law faculty has been besieged by students, unhappy with the lack of consultation by management.

Law students wrote an open letter to the faculty management, hosted exclusively on Lawyer2B, in which they alleged: “of most concern is the way in which Oxford Brookes has made this decision without regard to the welfare of students who took up its two-year part time LPC.

“Due to the SRA requirement that relevant modules be undertaken at the same establishment these students have been left in limbo over the validity of their partially complete courses.”

However, the university is now in talks with the University of Law, which is reportedly poised to take over the course.

Mary Foy, a philosophy student currently running for election as vice president of academic experience at Oxford Brookes’ student union said: “I would find it offensive if they [University of Law] were running it through our university”.

Amy Evans, student representative for the law faculty, is expected to be at the lunchtime meeting with university management. She posted on a Facebook page dedicated to critiquing Oxford Brookes SU: “We are bombarding the Uni with complaints and everyone is prepared to take this further than the Uni if we don’t get what we want. Several students have been in touch with their MP’s, the only reason we are waiting is so that we have all the evidence to bring a more solid case against Brookes.

“We don’t expect a meeting with the Dean will make everything better, we just want to know the reasons for the decision so that we can offer a reasonable counter argument that we can then take higher… but first we need to follow proper protocol or else we risk sinking to the University’s level of skipping steps to get our desired result.”

Part-time LPC students have previously met with the Solicitors Regulation Authority to discuss transferring to other providers.

Full-time LPC student Sara Nuttall said: “The part-time students had a  meeting at OXILP with representatives of the SRA as apparently they have not completed enough of the core modules in order to transfer to other courses. Those who have contacted other providers have been told they would have to start the course again.”

The GDL and LPC open day is still listed on the university website as being held on 18 March.

As news broke of the LPC closure, one student termed it “a kick in the teeth” (4 March 2013).