Student spending on alcohol down by one third

Student spending on alcohol and nights out has dropped by one third in the year £9,000 tuition fees were introduced.

Student budgeting site Save the Student found that students across all three year groups spent just £19 each per week rather than last year’s NUS figure of £28. The figure measures alcohol purchased from bars and pubs as opposed to off-licences.

One third of students’ nights out budget is spent on cheaper pre-drinking at home, Save the Student’s Student Drinking and Nightlife January survey found, signifying that drinking among students may not have decreased so much as moved location.

The survey also found that first years were more likely to stay in to drink than final year students, indicating a greater financial awareness among those paying £9,000 per year.

Owen Burek, founder of Save the Student, said: “This news does not necessarily mean that students are drinking less. It may be that the typical student is simply becoming more price sensitive to pennies spent at the bar… it’s clear that students are responding to the pressures of having to save and budget”.

Last week a You Gov survey revealed that UK students are £20bn in debt (6 February 2012).