Student bares all online to win traineeship

A go-getting lawyer to be has resorted to advertising himself on his own website in a bid to land that elusive training contract.

Rhys Jones has launched his own website to host his CV, which he hopes will help him stand out from the competition.

Jones said: “CVs and cover letters are very formal documents, and I wanted to create a way to promote myself which was a little less formal. I hope the website will attract prospective employees and let them get to know me on an informal level.”

Jones created the website himself, without enduring any costs apart from a minimal amount to secure the domain name.

He has received positive feedback from a couple of firms he had failed to previously obtain a training contract with and has even been invited to get in touch with a partner.

“This is a way to use social media to promote myself, showing that I am someone who can offer a certain level of business acumen as well,” added Jones.

Jones explained that he plans to write a blog on the site looking at legal issues and to advertise his extracurricular interests.