SRA gives helpful reminder to students – enrol and pay £80

In view of the feelings that are running quite high [understatement alert] over the SRA’s minimum wage decision I am a bit nervous about publicising the following reminder from the Solicitors Regulation Authority telling potential LPC students that they need to hurry up and enrol [which involves an £80 fee].

The reminder reads: “The SRA is reminding potential Legal Practice Course (LPC) students that they need to enrol with the regulatory body before they commence the LPC, and is urging them to apply sooner rather than later to allow time for the application to be processed.

“The online application system has been available since 16 April and will remain live until 1 September 2012. After this date, students will need to download the form and submit a paper-based application, together with the fee and supporting documentation. Students are reminded that in order for their application to be considered, they must complete an application and pay a fee of £80, as well as providing any supporting documentation that might be required.

“Students also need to submit an application for completion of the academic stage of training. Those students who are due to complete their degree this year need to enter the predicted result.

“Late applications will only be considered if there is a clear and comprehensive explanation why the deadline was not met. If an application is refused, the fee will be refunded. The SRA aims to process the application within 30 days of the decision to accept.

“But a word of warning for those students who commence the LPC before receiving confirmation of student enrolment and completion of the academic stage – they do so at their own risk. LPC providers will ask students to leave the course and any fees may be forfeit.”

It just gets better…

Photo by Jan Tik. Courtesy of Flickr.