SRA eschews paper enrolment form for online version

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has scrapped the paper enrolment form it has traditionally used for the Legal Practice Course (LPC) in favour of an online version in a bid to ’bring the organisation into the 21st century’.

From January 2011 all would-be lawyers wanting to study the LPC will have to enrol and confirm completion of either their degree or Graduate Diploma in Law online.

An SRA spokesman said: “The key reason why we’re doing this is because it reduces running costs for us and we also found that it was a method which most candidates actually preferred. It’s also part of an ongoing move by the SRA to modernise.”

If candidates intend to study the LPC after January 2011 they will have to send their online application form  to the SRA along with the usual £80 fee before 2 August in the year they want to begin the programme.

But if candidates think they may have any suitability issues that require consideration by the SRA, they should send their application in before 1 April.