Southampton students gain key experience via employment law clinic

The University of Southampton has launched an employment law clinic as part of Pro Bono week 2011, with a group of aspiring lawyers manning the service.

University of Southampton

University of Southampton

The clinic, which is organised by third year students studying employment law and a local specialist barrister, is aimed at giving would-be lawyers the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on legal work experience.

Lecturer and careers co-ordinator Liz Williams said: “By engaging with actual clients, students gain valuable insight and experience, enabling them to develop important transferable skills by experiencing how law actually operates in practice and at the same time introducing students to issues of professional ethics.

“This hands-on legal work gives the students a unique experience to talk about during interviews and include on their CV.”

The programme was set up following the success of the university’s housing clinic, a citizens advice organisation that offers free consultations to students who require advice on renting property.

The employment law clinic will also offer advice to students, but will focus on topics including discrimination, harassment, contractual issues and dismissal.

The volunteers will have the chance to gain key skills in client interviewing and case management.