Solicitors are the 44th happiest group in the UK

Solicitors are the 44th most fulfilled profession in the UK, according to a Cabinet Office report on job satisfaction, which ranked 274 industries in terms of happiness and fulfilment.

The clergy is the happiest and most fulfilled profession, followed by chief executives and senior officials. The third happiest workers are agriculture and horticulture mangers.

The rest of the top ten most fulfilling roles include farmers and those working in medicine and healthcare.

The catch-all term of ‘legal professionals’ is deemed to be the 108th happiest job, while legal secretaries are in the bottom half of the table, at 164.

The least happy industries include cleaners, bar staff, debt collectors, telephone salespeople and publicans.

The results suggest that there is a general connection between pay and job satisfaction but that working outside, or being in a job which could be considered a vocation, also brings happiness.

The full list is here.