Social network for bright young things attracts thousands

A new social media network which aims to connect intelligent, high-achieving teenagers is on its way to garnering 3,000 school student members.

IGGY, International Gateway for Gifted Youth, bills itself as connecting and challenging the world’s brightest young minds. Students must be between 13 and 18 years’ old and recommended by teachers or be able to prove that they can perform within the top 5 per cent of their peers.

The site is partly social network and partly an academic resource for students. Its areas of expertise span humanities, creative subjects and science and maths and it contains a free resource on the basics of studying law. It allows students to partake in debates hosted on the network and encourages them to connect with each other

The network charges students £90 annually, although it provides free membership opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The organisation stresses that although there is a membership charge it is not for profit. Instead, it says, it ploughs membership proceeds into investing in the site and developing new content for members.

IGGY also links its members with university postgraduate student mentors from the University of Warwick, studying across schools and disciplines.