Simmons keeps 80 per cent in spring retention round

Simmons & Simmons has revealed a retention rate of 80 per cent for its spring 2015 newly-qualified (NQ) cohort.

The City firm will keep 12 of 15 trainees on in NQ positions. Two trainees chose to pursue other opportunities before NQ vacancies were announced while an in-house position was sourced for another trainee, who wanted to specialise in an area of law currently unavailable at the firm.

The firm did not disclose which departments or offices the NQs will work in, or whether any are on short-term contracts.

The rate is a significant improvement on last year, when the firm kept just 54 per cent of its cohort on as NQs. It usually posts rates between 70 per cent and 80 per cent but has had several poor results in recent years.

Simmons graduate recruitment and development partner Alan Gar said: “It’s been a really great year and we are delighted that all of our trainees offered have accepted their positions with us.”