Shoosmiths trainees speak out

As future trainees of Shoosmiths, the last couple of weeks have been a little turbulent to say the least. We all received the news that most of us would have our training contracts deferred for at least 12 months, on top of which we may also be relocated to different offices. In addition we wouldn’t be immediately compensated.

We have spoken to the majority of the incoming intake, and there is naturally a sense of disappointment in the way that the economic downturn has impacted our future plans. However we fully understand the reasons why the decision is necessary in order to secure the future of the firm and all its people. We also respect the need for us to share the sting of the recession as part of the team.

In spite of the bad news, we are committed to our firm, and we are resolved to rise to the challenge of succeeding in these tough times, together. We understand that in taking this decision, our firm have put itself in the best position to keep providing valuable and competitive legal services in the marketplace, for both current and future clients.

One of the chief reasons we remain attracted to Shoosmiths is the quality in the way they do things, training being top of the list. We are pleased that the firm remains committed to giving us the best quality of training it can, and we look forward to working with Shoosmiths.

We understand that we are not receiving any cash offers from Shoosmiths in recompense, but we look forward to supporting each other in more practical ways through these deferred years. The firm has certainly endeavoured to keep us more informed of how together we will progress and prevail through this economic downturn. We remain proud to be associated with Shoosmiths solicitors.

Tom Goff and George Roberts