Shoosmiths’ retention nosedives to 41 per cent

Shoosmiths is retaining just nine of 22 trainees in its September 2013 qualification intake.

The top 50 firm offered 11 of the 22-strong cohort newly-qualified (NQ) jobs with the firm but just nine have accepted the firm’s offer so far. Of the remaining thirteen trainees reaching NQ status, one has decided to return to their previous, non-legal career while another seven have found jobs at other firms.

In 2012, Shoosmiths retained 100 per cent of its 16 qualifying trainees. In 2011 it kept on nine of 12, and 2010 it chose to employ 15 of 18 in an NQ capacity.

A spokesperson for Shoosmiths said: “Because our trainees are recruited so far in advance, it’s always difficult to predict exactly what our requirements will be at qualification time.

“Continuing economic uncertainty makes that doubly difficult, and unfortunately we have fewer vacancies at this point in time for newly-qualified solicitors than trainees. We’re hoping more vacancies will become available between now and September, should the economy pick up.

“In the meantime, we will take all the steps we can to provide support, guidance and help to those trainees still looking for an NQ role.’’