Revolutionary training business rebrands as Accutrainee

The radical new training model Acculaw has moved to change its name only two months after its initial launch.

The business, which launched in September, will now go under the title of Accutrainee, which its founder and CEO Susan Cooper believes will more accurately describe the scheme (19 September 2011).

Cooper said: “We wanted to minimise any potential confusion in the market about what it is we do, which is to focus on getting the best available graduates in the industry who will go on to become successful lawyers.”

Accutrainee will recruit its own aspiring lawyers from postgraduate law schools and then second them to up to three firms to complete their two-year training contracts.

The news comes after Olswang became the first firm to sign up to the scheme (20 September 2011).

Olswang, which recently revived its graduate recruitment scheme (2 November 2011), is looking to take on an Accutrainee graduate in 2014.