Retention at CMS Cameron McKenna slumps to 62%

CMS has retained 61.5 per cent of its spring 2015 qualifiers.

The firm has held on to 16 of the 26 trainees finishing their training contracts in March. 

Senior partner Penelope Warne said: “Although offers were made in the region of 80 per cent, on this occasion a number of trainees decided to take positions in-house or outside the practice of law which meant that take-up was uncharacteristically low.”

Of the 16, 14 will qualify in London while two will work in Bristol. Seven will work in the commercial regulatory and disputes group, five will work in corporate, including in the tax department, two will work in real estate and the remaining two will head for banking and international finance.

CMS has never had a reputation as one of the better performers when it comes to retention, and this result is its worst since spring 2011, when it kept on 63 per cent of final-seaters in newly-qualified positions. Last autumn, it retained 65 per cent, although on that occasion it had an abnormally large number of qualifiers due to the firm’s merger with Dundas & Wilson.

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