Research: Most lawyers are against Brexit

The majority of lawyers want Britain to stay in the European Union, a new survey says.

Recruiters Douglas Scott polled 500 legal professionals and found that 57 per cent were in favour of remaining.

Just over a third, 35 per cent, favoured Brexit, while 7 per cent were undecided and 1 per cent declared themselves “totally indifferent.”

In March, over 250 lawyers signed a report against Brexit, including the leaders of Clyde & Co, Simmons & Simmons and Travers Smith.

“The benefits of EU membership to the UK economy and people are substantial,” the report reads.

“They range from easier and cheaper travel, to a more secure society, a cleaner environment, confidence that the goods and services available in the UK are of the same high standard and quality, and guaranteed access to the single market on which so much of the UK’s jobs and prosperity depends. British citizens take many of the benefits of EU membership for granted.They have become part of the fabric of UK life over the 43 years since the UK became a member of the EU in 1973.”