Readers vote to limit LPC

The majority of Lawyer 2B readers believe that there should be a limit on the number of students taking the legal practice course (LPC) each year.

Answering a recent Lawyer 2B poll, one quarter (24 per cent) of respondents thought that only those students who have obtained training contracts should be allowed to take the LPC while 28 per cent of readers said that there should be a limited number of places per year.

Responding to the question, with training contract numbers falling to the lowest level since 1998, what is to be done?, one third (33 per cent) of readers said that training contract numbers will eventually be corrected by the market and that nothing needs to be done.

The poll was in response to news that the number of training contracts registered in 2011-12 has fallen 10.5 per cent lower than the number in 2010-11 and 16 per cent lower than pre-recession figures and is now barely higher than at 1998 levels, when training contract records began (21 May 2013).

The figures, reported in the Law Society’s Annual Statistics Report, reveal that in 2011-12, 4,869 training contracts were registered. By contrast, 5,441 were given in 2010-11 and 6,303 in 2006-07.

Overall, solicitor numbers are up, with 165,971 solicitors on the roll this year, compared to 159,524 solicitors in 2011. This is a 4.4 per cent increase.

Despite decreases in the number of training contracts available, 5.5 per cent more applicants were accepted to read law nationwide than in 2011.

Dundas and Wilson has told London trainees due to qualify in 2013 that they face a scramble for newly qualified jobs (24 May 2013).