Readers decree: Carter-Silk was inappropriate but Proudman should not have tweeted his message

Nearly half (48 per cent) of Lawyer 2B readers believe that barrister Charlotte Proudman was wrong to tweet a LinkedIn message from solicitor Alex Carter-Silk despite it being ‘inappropriate’.

Just 20 per cent of readers identified with the statement: ‘She was right to out him: unprofessional sexist comments like these need to be challenged’ while one third (32 per cent) said she “completely over-reacted” and “he was just giving a compliment”.

Proudman, who practises at Mansfield Chambers and was called to the bar in 2010, tweeted the LinkedIn message she received from Brown Rudnick’s head of European IP and joint-chair of international IP litigation on Monday 7 September after connecting with him on the professional networking site.

The message, entitled ”PICTURE”, read: “I appreciate that this is probably horrendously politically incorrect but that is a stunning picture !!!!”

It continued: “You definitely win the prize for the best LinkedIn picture I have even seen. Always interest [sic] to understant [sic] people’s skills and how we might work together”.

Proudman replied to his message saying, “Alex, I find your message offensive.

“I am on LinkedIn for business purposes, not to be approached about my physical appearance or to be objectified by sexist men.

“The eroticisation of women’s physical appearance is another way of exercising power over women. It silences women’s professional attributes as their physical appearance becomes the subject.

“Unacceptable and misogynistic behaviour. Think twice before sending another woman (half your age) such a sexist message.”

She then tweeted the message asking, “How many women @LinkedIn are contacted about their physical appearance rather than prof[essional] skills?’

The tweet has since gone viral and been the subject of comment pieces in national papers. Proudman is reportedly considering reporting Cater-Silk’s behaviour to the SRA.

Barrister Charlotte Proudman shamed a senior lawyer on Twitter after he commented on her “stunning” profile picture on LinkedIn. Was she right to do so? Let us know in the comments below.