Queen’s Speech: ‘Proposals’ for British Bill of Rights to come this year

Proposals will be brought forward for a British Bill of Rights in the coming year, the 2016 Queen’s Speech has announced.

The annual event, which sets out the Government’s agenda for the year, shopped short of promising delivery of the Bill itself.

The promise comes despite the House of Lords EU Justice Committee saying that the Government should rethink its plans to introduce the Bill, which would replace the Human Rights Act.

Responding to the speech, The Law Society said: “The Law Society remains fully committed to the rights enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights, and to Britain’s membership of the Convention. We will be considering the draft Bill carefully to ensure that it does not water down the rights we currently enjoy.”

Elsewhere in the speech, the continuing reform of prisons and courts was promised, with prison governors to be given “unprecedented freedom” while old and inefficient prisons will be closed. Meanwhile, the law covering investigatory powers will also continue to develop.