Put them away please

I was watching Lorraine Kelly on the telly earlier today and the hot topic of conversation was whether it’s appropriate to show off your cleavage in the workplace.

Granted, any talk of embonpoint is bit trivial but the issue of what to wear whilst on a vacation placement for instance is a constant cause of headache for many aspiring lawyers especially when a firm operates a dress down policy.

Indeed, many of you are still getting it very wrong. For example by poisoning an interviewer after spraying too much eau de toilette or distracting them with unsuitable hemlines or hideous ties. One candidate even went as far as wearing a see-through blouse on her vacation placement, which suffice to say did not create the right impression.

So although it sounds boring it’s safer to err on the side of caution and to avoid wearing the following (after all you don’t want to be treated like a naughty school kid and be sent home to change into something more sensible):

  • denim or ripped clothes;

  • tracksuit bottoms or anything else you would consider wearing to the gym;

  • spandex, lycra or any other fabric that is body-hugging or tight-fitting;

  • baggy, oversized or extremely low-rise trousers (watch out for underwear popping out above the waist of your trousers when you sit down);

  • shorts and mini-skirts;

  • strappy or low-cut tops (and under no circumstances allow your bra straps to be on display even if they are covered in diamantes);
  • T-shirts with distracting slogans or pictures;

  • leggings;

  • trainers, flip-flops or sandals; and
  • hats, caps or any other form of headgear.

And for those of you who are planning to attend your future law firms’/chambers’ Christmas parties I recommend wearing something a bit more conservative than what you’d put on for your university bash. After all you don’t want to be labelled the office bimbo/clown before you’ve even started.