Preparing for Law-nch – Exeter

What questions should I ask? How many firms should I speak to? How will I make a lasting impression? I am sure that most law students in the country, who are serious about a career in law, are asking themselves these exact questions as they prepare for a visit to their university law fair.

I am a second year LLB law student studying at the University of Exeter. I gained a good 2:1 in my first year so I am looking to apply for vacation schemes and later, training contracts, at City firms. My interest for working within the City has grown by way of attending Open Days, the Bright Commercial Law Network and employer presentations on campus.

In the build-up to the law fair I will research thoroughly the law firms that really interest me, the City firms where I can genuinely see myself working in the future. Meeting representatives from the firms will give me the opportunity to build my relationships with representatives who may be assessing me at interview or an assessment centre in the future. Some of the firms attending the Exeter Law Fair I have had the chance to meet previously, so I am certainly looking forward to meeting them again and gaining a greater insight into where I wish to apply.

I think law fairs give an excellent opportunity to liaise with representatives from the firms, for them to get to know the face behind your application and, more importantly, a chance for you to get your vital questions answered. Preparation is paramount to getting the most out of a Law Fair – going unprepared demonstrates a lack of interest and commitment to becoming a lawyer. As well as researching the firms in depth, I am making a list of five key questions to ask each of the firms that are of interest to me. Keeping questions concise and tailored to the firm demonstrate you are aware of what that particular firm has to offer which will give you a greater understanding of why you have decided to apply to that firm which, in turn, will help you answer those all-important application questions.

My ultimate aim is to become a solicitor in a City firm; I have developed a passion for commercial law and feel working in the City will be the ultimate reward for years of hard work and dedication to law. The Exeter Law Fair will be another important stepping stone which will hopefully help me to secure that all important vacation scheme and training contract.

Charlotte will be blogging for Lawyer2B from the Exeter Law Fair on 22 November.