Paul Hastings launches Oxford bursary

Paul Hastings has rolled out a new scholarship to support students with financial needs to enable them to study postgraduate law courses.

The award is principally aimed at those from diverse backgrounds and hopes to give an aspiring lawyer the opportunity to study at the University of Oxford who would not otherwise be able to.

Chair of the Paul Hastings’ London diversity network Arun Birla said: “We want to introduce the university to people who can’t afford it, as it is an outstanding and well-known institution. If we can help someone go through that university it is a really good thing, and helps our goal to increase the pool of talent and diversity.”

“We’re exclusively tied in for three years, but are looking into expanding our involvement as years go by as it is an interesting development and ties in nicely with our work with the Brokerage CityLink and the Black Solicitors Network,” he added.

The courses open to students to study include the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL), Majister Juris (MJur) the MSc in Law and Finance or a Diploma in Intellectual Property Law and Practice, which range in cost from £5,950 to £19,250. 

Birla explained that doing an additional postgraduate course, depending on the student’s reasons behind it, could show that the individual is more diverse and dedicated to pursuing a career in law.

The scholarship is open to any university, and law graduates (and non-law graduates on an exceptional basis) will be considered