Olswang retention: five trainees stay with 50% retention rate

Olswang has retained half of its trainee intake, with five out of 10 staying on at the firm in its autumn 2015 newly qualified (NQ) retention results.

A spokesperson from Olswang said in a statement that the firm’s total retention for 2015 is 67 per cent, factoring in the firm’s 88 per cent retention rate from the spring. The autumn drop is because there were more applicants than vacancies in commercial and media, communications and technology and commercial litigation. 

Five of the 10 trainees were offered and accepted NQ positions at the firm this autumn. They joined five different departments: media, communications and technology; commercial; commercial litigation; real estate; and corporate.

Olswang has recorded hugely mixed retention over recent years, hitting 100 per cent in 2014 with all eight of its spring qualifiers choosing to stay on at the firm after being offered NQ jobs. 

Olswang NQ retention


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