Nottingham Trent forges connection with Australian National University

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and the Australian National University (ANU) are to be linked via their law schools.

The newest addition to the Centre for Legal Education at NTU, Professor Paul Maharg, intends to establish a connection between NTU and ANU’s College of Law.

Maharg joins NTU from Northumbria Law School and is also professor of law at ANU, where he will head up the Centre for Australian Legal Education which focuses on experimental and technologically-enhanced legal education.

He said: “I’ll also be liaising between the legal education centre I’m setting up at ANU and Nottingham Law School’s Centre.  There’s a lot of synergy that can be developed internationally between centres.  To my knowledge, there hasn’t ever been a strong and sustained international link between legal educational centres in different jurisdictions.  

“At a time when sectors of English legal education are coming under global influences and pressures, and when the regulation of legal education is under scrutiny globally, legal educators need to be learning much more from other professions and other jurisdictions about what works well and why.  We hope to do that at the Nottingham Law School Centre for Legal Education.”

Maharg will be working within the Centre for Legal Education, researching and developing legal education projects, which will have local, national and international implications in experimental legal education fields.

The university’s law school led the fee rise in the legal practice course this year (20 March 2013).