Nottingham leads LPC fee rise

Nottingham Law School has hiked its Legal Practice Course (LPC) fees by nine per cent, with major providers, both in and outside of London, following suit.

The Nottingham provider based at Nottingham Trent University raised its fees from £10,100 in 2012/2013 to £11,000 in 2013/2014.

BPP Law School’s Holborn Centre is still the most expensive provider of the LPC, with a full-time LPC costing £13,950 in 2013/2014, compared to £13,500 last year. This is a rise of three per cent.

Other providers to increase their fees by four per cent include the Bristol Insitute of Legal Practice at the University of West England and Kaplan Law School. Their fees of £10,180 and £13,350 respectively, increased from £9,900 and £12,850 last year.

Manchester Metropolitan University has raised its fees by three per cent from £8,800 to £9,065.

Meanwhile, fees at the University of law, formerly the College of Law, for its full-time LPC at its London branches were set at £13,180 in the last academic year and have risen to £13,905 for 2013/2014, a hike of 5.5 per cent.

A spokesperson for the University of Law said: “The University has been able to limit its LPC fee rises for 2013/2014 to an average of just 3.9% across the board and on many programmes the rise will be just 3.5%. These modest increases are needed to meet rises in our overhead costs and also to fulfil our continuing commitments to investing in quality and excellence. This is consistent with our long-term policy of steady, sensible annual fee increases to match increasing costs. For instance over the last 3 years we have increased fees between 3 and 5%.

“We believe our fees are excellent value for money and compare well with those of our competitors. Students come to the University knowing that they are getting the best possible start to their legal careers and 83% of our Legal Practice Course students graduating in 2011 obtained work in the legal services market.

“At the same time we have significantly increased the number of scholarships we offer to talented students. We’ve announced scholarship and awards schemes for our 2013 LL.B, GDL, LPC and BPTC courses representing a total annual investment of nearly £344,000.”

At City University both LPC and BPTC fees were frozen this year, with the LPC costing £12,500.

The cost of an LPC is still lower than that of a Bar Professional Training Course. The three primary private providers in London, the University of Law, Kaplan Law School and BPP, all set fees at £17,350 (6 March 2013).