Norton Rose to host event for Bristol University’s INUK campaign

Norton Rose is holding a symposium for the Innocence Network UK (INUK) to highlight 45 cases of alleged victims of wrongful conviction.

As part of a campaign for urgent reform of the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) that kicks off this week, the top ten law firm will host talks from Susan May and Eddie Gilfoyle, who are widely believed to be innocent of the murders they were convicted of, along with Paddy Hill of the Birmingham Six on 30 March.

According to INUK, all 45 cases in the dossier have been refused a referral back to the Court of Appeal at least once by the CCRC despite continuing doubts about the evidence that led to their convictions.

Founder and director of INUK Michael Naughton, who launched the network at University of Bristol six years ago, said: “The crimes that these men and women are convicted of are appalling but in every single case there are questions, conflicts and problems in the evidence that led to their conviction.

“If they are genuinely innocent, it means that the dangerous criminals who committed these crimes remain at liberty with the potential to commit further serious crimes.”

Criminal appeal barristers and solicitors, investigative journalists, academics and former commissioners of the CCRC will also attend the symposium.

The news follows White & Case becoming the first corporate law firm to join INUK last year, taking on around 20 members to undertake its caseload (24 October 2011).