Non-law students attend Lawyer 2B careers evening

Yesterday, non-law students and graduates attended Law for Non-Law, a careers evening held by Lawyer 2B and the University of Law, to network with and learn from law firms and barristers’ chambers.

After an initial presentation on the route into law for non-law students by University of Law senior lecturer Gareth Richards, Shearman & Sterling graduate recruitment manager Vicki Bradley talked about why firms are so keen to recruit trainees who have converted to law after doing another degree.

Trainee solicitors and barristers from DLA Piper, the Government Legal Service, RPC, Henderson Chambers and Shearman & Sterling held workshops giving application tips and life at their workplaces.

RPC trainee Ben Heywood ran through a list of the firm’s key clients, including BBC, Google, Fox and RBS and impressed upon delegates that an insurance lawyer’s work varied massively and could even include the Costa Coffee taster’s tongue.

Henderson Chambers pupil Rachel Tandy told attendees that the applicants to the bar needed to show academic excellence, commitment and personality.

She advised that advocacy required an element of performance, saying: “”You don’t need to be overly confident, but you need to be able to fake it.”

A mini-law fair held throughout the event allowed students to network with the organisations attending in an informal setting.

Attendee profile: Emma 

What’s your background?

I studied history at the University of Warwick and came out with a First class degree. I went into a not-for-profit organisation for a little while and now I’m, working as a writer and researcher for a same charity, writing their campaign material, education resources, external communications and so on.

Why are you thinking of switching to law?

I want a job that’s intellectually stimulating – law has that. I want a job that’s challenging – again law springs to mind. I’d also like to do something where I can make a difference, which is why I’m interested in talking to the Government Legal Service tonight.

What tips have you picked up from tonight’s event?

I think the point Vicki Bradley of Shearman & Sterling made about making sure each application form you write couldn’t possibly be sent anywhere else apart from that one particular firm you’re applying to was really helpful – not just for law and training contracts but for my CV generally as well.