Nabarro keeps on smaller group of NQs but improves retention rate

Nabarro has become the first law firm to announce its spring 2013 newly qualified (NQ) retention rate, keeping on 7 out of its 9 qualifiers.

That translates to a retention rate of 78 per cent. This represents a rise from the firm’s summer 2012 NQ retention rate, when the firm retained 69 per cent, with 9 out of 13 accepting positions at the firm.

That said, the figure is a fall on its spring 2012 retention rate, when the firm achieved 87 per cent keeping 13 out of 15 qualifying trainees.

This follows the news that Nabarro trainee vacancies have dropped by almost 30 per cent with the firm having 10 fewer positions compared to last year. A total of 35 places were available for the July 2012 deadline while 25 places are available for the July 2013 deadline (19 December 2012).