Macfarlanes rolls out CV-blind policy to training contract applicants

Macfarlanes has extended its CV-blind policy to its training contracts, making it the third firm to select its trainees using this method.

The City firm decided to incorporate a CV-blind element into its recruiting for this year’s vacation scheme candidates, saying that it would “almost certainly” extend the scheme to its trainee recruitment (4 April 2014). It joins Mayer Brown and Clifford Chance in its diversity efforts, with the magic circle firm the first to implement the idea (11 November 2013). 

CV-blind interviewing occurs at the partner interview stage of a training contract or vacation scheme application, with the graduate recruitment team selecting the candidates via application forms and CVs. However, firms hope to eliminate any bias and give candidates a chance to sell themselves to partners, without relying on or feeling constrained by their background.

Macfarlanes graduate recruitment partner Seán Lavin said in April: “CVs are still an important part of the recruitment process. However, we did not feel that there was any need for partners to have access to a candidate’s CV when they are assessing the merits of a candidate in an interview setting. Interviewing candidates CV-blind reduces the possibility of bias for or against candidates from particular backgrounds.”