Macfarlanes holds on to 84 per cent of autumn qualifiers

Macfarlanes will retain 84 per cent of its autumn qualifying trainees in newly-qualified (NQ) positions

Some 25 second-year trainees are due to qualify at the firm in September. Of those, 22 applied for NQ positions, Macfarlanes made offers to all of them, and 21 accepted.

Senior partner Charles Martin said: “We aim to be in a position where all our trainees want to stay at the firm and we are able to offer them all jobs in the areas that they want to build their careers in. There are various reasons why either or both sides of this equation may not always work and that means we do not often get 100% retention. Having said that, overall, we are pretty satisfied with the 2014 figures.”

The firm kept on 75 per cent of its qualifiers in autumn 2013.

So far, 27 firms have announced their retention results for the autumn. RPC tops the table: it is to keep on all 15 of its qualifiers. Bringing up the rear is Mayer Brown, which is retaining just ten of 18, or 55 per cent.