London schools under fire for LPC price hikes

LPC providers across the country have lambasted London’s leading law schools for raising fees by an average of 8 per cent.

Students enrolling on the LPC at BPP Law School’s Waterloo and Holborn branches from September 2009 will face a hefty bill of £12,500 – £1,050
more than in the current ­academic year.

Kaplan Law School is increasing its fees for 2009-10 by just over 9 per cent from £10,500 to £11,500.

The College of Law is also upping its fees by just under 9 per cent at its London branches, from £10,340 to £11,250.

Oxford Institute of Legal Practice (Oxilp) institute director Julie Brannan has branded the price hikes as “outrageous” after Oxilp increased its LPC fees by just over 4 per cent, from £8,900 to £9,300.

“It’s not easy to see how the differential in course fees between the big London providers and other courses is justifiable in terms of quality,” said Brannan.

The Bristol Institute of Legal Practice (BILP), which is part of the University of the West of England, has set its price at £8,985 compared with £8,280 last year.

BILP LPC director Kerry James said: “The service we offer is every bit as good as any London provider. We provide much better value for money and Bristol is a lovely place to live.’

Elsewhere, Nottingham Law School has boosted its fees by a little more than 5 per cent, from £9,485 to £9,960.

Manchester Metropolitan University has increased its fees by over 7 per cent, from £7,650 to £8,250, while Northumbria Law School widened its pricing bracket from £7,150 to £8,000.

The University of Huddersfield Law School is only upping its price by £10, from £7,460 to £7,470.