Links supports would-be lawyers’ aspirations

Linklaters has granted more than 30 wishes to would-be lawyers for 2012 through an innovative competition called ‘Aspire’ launched last year.

‘Aspire’ was rolled out in line with the magic circle firm’s ‘Link up. Change a life’ campaign, aimed at giving something back to the community (17 January 2011).

Graduate recruitment advisor Sharon Jacobs said: “We’re delighted to have run the Aspire competition for a second year and have seen some exciting and innovative entries from students who are looking to develop themselves and their communities.”

The prizes given to the aspiring lawyers include funding for several voluntary projects in Africa, Gambia, India, Kenya, Morocco, Uganda and Panama and contributions towards Mount Kilimanjaro expedition to support various charities.

Students were also given money to study several language courses, subscriptions to publications and equipment to aid their degrees. For the full list of winners and prize please see table below.

Speaking after the project was launched in February 2011, joint graduate recruitment partner Euan Clarke said: “It’s not about shouting about the firm’s own aspirations or corporate responsibility from the rooftops, but being informative to students; giving students some insight into the big things the firm values and seeks, as well as a chance to make a difference themselves.

“We’re looking for people who aspire to be the very best at what they do, as we do as a firm; and so providing a prize that helps a few people fulfil some worthy aspirations seems to be a good fit with that idea.”

The ‘Link up’ campaign resulted in Linklaters donating £20,000 to three charities: Projeto Alavanca in San Paulo; Lawyers in Schools in Hackney and Project Lend a Hand in Singapore.

First Name University Location Prize
Adele Durham Contribution towards Mount Kilimanjaro expedition to support fundraising for Save the Children
Ahsan Warwick Funding towards study programme in China
Aysel London Rosetta Stone Arabic course
Betul Exeter Rosetta Stone Arabic course
David Exeter Laptop for use by the University of Exeter Community Legal Helpdesk
Eleanor London Smart clothes for vacation schemes
Elizabeth Exeter Donation to Ugandan non-governmental organisation called Mwenya Uganda, which runs medical and dental clinics in rural Uganda
Elizabeth Manchester Driving lessons
Emily Leicester Books and resources for volunteering trip to Kenya
Emily York Rosetta Stone Hindi course
Emily Nottingham Contribution towards Mount Kilimanjaro expedition to support fundraising for Childreach International
Jason London Contribution towards Mount Kilimanjaro expedition to raise money for Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity
Katarzyna London Funding for youth leadership/communication programme
Katrina London Funding for programme in Panama with Global Development Brigades to provide legal services and advice to local communities
Kelsea East Anglia Rosetta Stone Russian course
Kimberley London Resources for underprivileged people in the local community in Stoke-on-Trent
Kyan Cambridge Funding towards volunteering project at Citizen’s Advice Bureau in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Leonie Warwick Funding for Arabic course in Morocco
Maya York Flights to Geneva to attend the UN International Law Commission session to obtain support for the topic of protecting the atmosphere
Mesha London Subscription to The Financial Times for the ’Breakfast Club’ Society
Mujammil London Funding for advertising charity football match
Oliver London Provision of chess/draughts boards for care homes in the UK
Patrick London Funding towards volunteering trip to schools in Kenya
Rebecca London Contribution towards Mount Kilimanjaro expedition to raise money for Water Aid
Richa London Funding towards volunteering trip to India with Apne Aap International
Rick Loughborough Laptop to enhance university studies
Sebastiaan London Donation to help set up Model UN training course for students in underprivileged areas of London
Sian Warwick Books and resources for village school in India
Sophie Manchester Funding towards volunteering project in Morocco with schools and orphanages
Sorcha London Contribution to volunteering project in Kenya with the Kenya Education Partnership Project
Suhail Warwick Funding for volunteering trip to Gambia with young people from Hackney
Tolu London Tagalog langugage course to enhance communication with sponsored family in the Philippines
Weiling London Contribution towards volunteering project with Give a Heart to Africa