Linklaters ups trainee maintenance grants by 40 per cent

Linklaters is raising its legal practice course (LPC) maintenance grant by 40 per cent from £5,000 to £7,000.

The new grant is substantially higher than any offered by the other magic circle firms and will come into effect from 1 April this year.

Linklaters trainees take the University of Law seven month accelerated LPC, the next start date of which is July 2013, meaning that any future LPC students will qualify for the boosted grant.

Graduate diploma in law (GDL) students who have secured a training contract with the firm will receive £8,000 if studying the year-long GDL in London and £7,000 if studying elsewhere, increased from £7,000 and £6,000 respectively.

Simon Branigan, Linklaters graduate recruitment partner, said: “We want to attract the best people, no matter what their background.  Over recent years we have made a strong commitment to participating in a range of access schemes designed to reach students from a diverse range of backgrounds.  

“We are aware that many of our future trainees cannot rely on financial support from their families and we are keen to support them so they can focus on achieving a good standard of results from law school, rather than worrying about money.”

The Law Society’s Diversity Access Scheme is now open for application (21 February 2013).