Legal workers beat accountants when it comes to pride in their profession

Less than 60 per cent of legal sector employees are proud to belong to the profession, new research has revealed.

Of those who work in the law, only 59 per cent are proud to be a part of the sector. This is marginally higher than the national average of 58 per cent but is still significantly lower than the majority of industries.

Accountantancy, often seen as the twin of legal work, was the second worst-scoring area in terms of professional pride. Just 44 per cent of accountants stated that they were proud to be working in their profession.

The insurance industry gained the most positive response out of those surveyed, with 90 per cent of workers in the sector saying that they felt proud to work in it. Other high-scoring industries included property (83 per cent), media (81 per cent) and utilities (76 per cent). At 59 per cent, financial services employees were found to have exactly the same levels of pride in their sector as those in the law. 

The worst-scoring area was the rail sector. Only 32 per cent of employees were proud to work within the industry. 

The research, undertaken by recruitment agency Randstad, surveyed 2,034 workers. It found that there was no connection between professional pride and wages, with higher earners such as accountants, lawyers and financial services workers reporting that they were less proud to work in their sector than their lower paid counterparts in the media or those who undertook social work.