Legal executives given boost with award of Royal Charter

The Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX) has scored a triumph against its critics by being granted the accolade of a Royal Charter.

Diane Burleigh

Diane Burleigh

ILEX fellows will now have the title of chartered legal executives, which the institute believes will carry several key benefits.

In particular it hopes it will boost public confidence by differentiating ILEX members from non-ILEX members who wrongly adopt the title of legal executive.

In a statement, ILEX president Susan Silver said: “This recognition affirms the quality and integrity of the legal executive qualification and the important role our members play in the provision of legal services.”

To maintain the charter, ILEX will have to follow certain regulations and provisions in order to promote and maintain high standards of training.

ILEX chief executive Diane Burleigh added: “This charter will ensure future growth of public confidence in legal executives, and in all those that join the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.”