Lawyer 2B readers shrug off training revolution

Readers of Lawyer2B are underwhelmed by the prospect of the legal education and training review (LETR) with 60 per cent of those polled either unaware of its existence or unconvinced as to its usefulness.

Touted as the most important review of legal education for decades the delayed report, which was originally intended for publication in December 2012, is expected to be submitted to the three sponsoring regulators – the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Bar Standards Board, and Ilex Professional Standards – this month, following which it will be published (18 February 2013).

However, when Lawyer2B asked readers what message they would like to give to the regulators, 47 per cent were not even aware of the review and a further 33 per cent were unconvinced as to the usefulness of the review saying “the review doesn’t matter – more training contracts and pupillages are what we really need.”

Firebrands were in the overwhelming minority with just 7 per cent calling for a radical revolution while a more conservative minority of 13 per cent asked for things to be left alone.

The first-ever qualifying law degree was put on hold by the SRA as it awaited the outcome of the review (8 January 2013).

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