Law students would rather be builders

The results are in: Lawyer2B readers would rather be builders.

Well, one quarter might. In answer to our poll question, “If not law, which career might you choose?”, 25 per cent of readers said that they would go after a career as a builder, electrician or plumber.

Just over one fifth, 21 per cent chose teaching; 16 per cent elected to be an entrepreneur while just 8 per cent said that they would be an accountant.

Meanwhile, 13 per cent said that they would go into politics while 17 per cent answered that there was simply no alternative to a legal career.

The results chime with a survey of 323 lawyers by recruiter Laurence Simons. Just under 7 per cent of lawyers said that they might have worked in construction while almost 40 per cent said that they would have been an entrepreneur. Just 6.8 per cent of lawyers said that they would have been an accountant.

Laurence Simons managing director Lucinda Moule indicated the right and the left side of the brain were at the heart of why people favour certain alternative careers over others.

She said: “Although it is a generalist view, lawyers and accountants are characteristically left-brain-dominant careers, whereas entrepreneurs are typically seen to be right-brain-dominant. It seems surprising that so few lawyers chose accountancy as an alternative career, as this is also a left-brain discipline. Perhaps this is a generational shift and we’re about to see an influx of legal entrepreneurs at the helm of our largest corporations.”

Last week, school boy entrepreneur Nick D’Aloisio sold his news app Summly to Yahoo for between £20m and £40m (27 March 2013).