Law student launches networking group

A would-be lawyer has created a networking forum for undergraduate and postgraduate students to help them build contacts within the legal industry.

Legal Practice Course student Abeje Gordon has created the Law Students’ Network Birmingham (LSNB), which will celebrate its official launch party on 23 September, after she spotted a lack of networking opportunities for would-be lawyers while studying at university.

She said: “I based this forum on what was missing from my university experience and that was mainly any opportunities to mix with professionals in the industry. Throughout the year LSNB members will get to come along to a series of workshops, forums and networking events to improve their chances of gaining a training contracts”

The LSNB will be an affiliated student body of the Birmingham Law Society and will host its first opening party in Birmingham on 23 September. Gordon said the event will act as the first platform for new members to make their first contacts within the industry.

Meanwhile, the society will be hosting a workshop on 30 September led by Will Kintish to help students become more confident and effective networkers.

For more information and to sign up to upcoming events visit