Law Society Presidents Enjoy Sizzling BBQ with Lawyer 2B

Lawyer 2B decided to take advantage of this summer’s soaring temperatures by organising a BBQ for more than 40 university law society presidents and committee members from across the country.

The event kicked off on 25 June at Kaplan Law School, which sponsored the event, where students got to take a tour of the institution and get to know a few of the tutors.

The would-be lawyers then joined Lawyer 2B at The Old School Yard in Borough market to enjoy a slap-up BBQ, jugs of cocktails and to party the night away.

Aberystwyth University Law Society’s president Victoria Pritchard travelled all the way from Wales to attend the event but said she was glad she had made the trip.

She said: “It was great to meet up with other presidents to swap ideas and just get to know them all in a relaxed atmosphere with great food and brilliant weather.”

Kaplan’s Bar Vocational Course (BVC) director James Wakefield also got to enjoy some rare time off at the BBQ before he hopes to kick off a new BVC programme at the school in September 2010.

He said: “It was a fantastic event and a really great opportunity to get to meet and speak with so many law society presidents at one time.”

The BBQ was sponsored by Kaplan.