Law Society officially endorses CV-blind recruitment

The Law Society has officially endorsed the CV-blind and contextual recruitment methods being pioneered by City firms.

Lawyer 2B revealed Clifford Chance’s use of CV-blind recruitment in November 2013. The process is designed to allow candidates to tell their own narrative at interview, allowing them to sell themselves rather than fall back on background experiences that they might share with interviewing partners.

Firms including Mayer Brown and Macfarlanes quickly followed suit, though the other magic circle firms said they would not be following Clifford Chance’s example.

However, the Law Society has now produced a toolkit to help firms that want to go CV blind, or who want to introduce the contextual recruitment system that compares the economic and social circumstances of applicants, and which the entire magic circle has signed up to.

Law Society president Jonathan Smithers said: “Social diversity and inclusion give firms competitive advantage and can contribute to a culture that is more innovative.

“The Law Society guidance on fair recruitment helps firms become aware of hidden bias and adapt recruitment processes to minimise its harmful effects and promote social mobility. This will help them to attract and retain the best candidates and to demonstrate a commitment to fairness and diversity.”