Law schools must warn students about career prospects, says BSB head

The chair of The Bar Standards Board has warned that pupillage numbers will continue to decrease, adding that law schools should do more to warn students about their career prospects.

Baroness Ruth Deech QC made the comments on an episode of the BBC Radio 4 programme Law in Action, which was broadcast last night.

She said: “The number of pupillages has decreased and will decrease,” and called for “absolute transparency from the provider schools about their graduates getting jobs in this country.”

When asked whether she believed that law schools could do more to advise students on their career prospects, she replied: “Yes, I think they should.”

The programme also featured Samuel Clague of paralegal recruiter The Stephen James Partnership Legal. Clague was originally a paralegal, with ambitions to become a solicitor.

He cautioned against students believing what he termed the “headline stats” of employability rates, explaining that the number of LPC and BPTC graduates every year did not give the full picture of how many prospective solicitors and barristers would apply for training contracts and pupillages.

He said: “You have the headline stats… in reality there is a huge underbelly of people who are applying every year. It boils down to supply and demand.”