Law graduate’s parents offer to part-fund his salary in exchange for employment

The parents of a recent Californian Bar graduate are offering to pay 10 per cent of his salary to any firm which will hire him.

The former UCLA undergraduate passed the bar in 2013 and is a member of the California Bar Association and Orange County Bar Association with experience of working in the Public Defender’s Office and within family law and civil rights law.

The Craiglist advert, first found by US legal blog Above the Law, was posted yesterday and promises ”an incentive of 10 per cent of his annual income” to any law firm which hires the graduate.

It goes on to detail his special interest in tax law, family law and immigration law but promises he will accept ‘any position’ as long as it is on a part-time basis.

Lawyer 2B has contacted the advertiser but as yet there is no confirmation whether the advert is a genuine posting or an elaborate hoax.